NUSA DUA — Tourism Minister of Indonesia Arief Yahya proposed the ideas to build 100 Digital Destinations that will gone viral on the internet and social media and to form 10 Nomadic Tourisms in the country. This was proposed on Annual National Tourism Meeting in Nusa Dua, on Thursday (3/22).

Arief Yahya said the main frame of this recommendations are to establish 100 Digital Destinations in 34 Provinces and 10 nomadic tourisms in 10 “New Bali” so-called destinations.

To bring the ideas into reality, the minister to approach provincial governments, regency and city governments for the procurement of basic infrastructures, such as road, water supply, electricity, and basic utilities like WiFi, garbage, and toiletries, to support the tourism development.

Minister said one of the important part of the ideas is to involving youth in Indonesia to develop the Digital Destinations, since today’s young adult is the biggest consumers who prefer spending their money for experience rather than for goods. Other step is to push every regions in the country to establish GenPi, a community of youth that helps the government in tourism development. 

“Soon after this Annual Meeting, a team of Training on Trainer (ToT) should be formed which then establish GenPis in every provinces. These GenPi communities will then form another team of Digital Destination. As per Octobre 2018, 100 Digital Destinations in 34 provinces should already be realized,” the minister said.

Related to Nomadic Tourism, in coordination with Transportation Ministry, the meeting recommends the deregulation of the acceleration of Caravan operational as Nomadic Tourism Amenities, Sea-Plane and Live a Board as Nomadic Tourism Access.

Another recommendations are to accelerate the deregulationmof National Park’s utilization permit as Glamping Ground, which is in collaboration with Enviromental and Forestry Ministry.

Besides, the minister also show his attention on investment on Nomadic Tourism. (BPN)

Article & Picture: Tourism Ministry


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