LEGIAN, Bali (BPN) – Sky Garden Bali, Bali’s premier entertainment destination, announces its highly anticipated return with fervent enthusiasm under the motto: “The Legend Is Back.”

According to Danny, General Operations Manager of Sky Garden Bali, after going through a period of strategic development, Sky Garden Bali re-emerges with a new spirit, an innovative management team, and a bold Vision and Future, ready to become a leader in nightlife in the Kuta and Bali areas.

“Our motto, ‘The Legend Is Back,’ reflects our unwavering dedication to providing extraordinary experiences for every domestic and international tourist,” Danny said at a Press Conference on Monday (May 13).

“With a dynamic new management team, we are ready to raise entertainment standards and will once again compete in the nightlife industry on the Island of the Gods, as well as setting new standards in the nightclub industry in Bali.”

In addition to introducing a new management team, Sky Garden Bali will outline its mission and strategic objectives to increase guest satisfaction and drive sustainable growth.

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From innovative entertainment concepts to local community engagement initiatives, Sky Garden Bali is committed to leading the way in the dynamic Balinese entertainment landscape in the Kuta area.

Sky Garden is open daily from 9 PM to 4 AM, with entry fees of IDR 100 thousand on weekdays and IDR 150 thousand on weekends for men, and no charge for women.

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