Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence

GIANYAR, Bali (BPN)A new investment project to Bali is set to break ground in Seseh, Bali, Indonesia, at the end of April 2024. 

The Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence joined forces with Balinese experts to build a premium apartment complex and iconic destination, to be completed in 2026. The complex, located beachside on the southern tip of Bali on Seseh Beach, is to be spread out on 1 hectare of land.

The final design and architectural concept was developed with the engagement of the local community, and is set to be presented in December of 2023. 

The new Taryan project was warmly welcomed by local village Mangkus (Hindhu Priests), Kepala Desa (Village Heads), Kepala Banjar (Banjar Heads), Lurah (Community Heads), and other supporters from the government and community side.

Balinese Blessing Ceremony for Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence

These officials were all present at the Balinese Blessing Ceremony, Upacara Ngeruak, which was held in conjunction with the Banjar / Village of Seseh, on the grounds of the planned Taryan real estate project, and accompanied by the musical notes of the Seseh Gamelan Orchestra.

Immediately following the Upacara Ngeruak, a community meeting was held between Owners’ Representatives and Shareholders of the Taryan Group, Seseh Community Heads, and the local Balinese architects and construction company, to validify and receive the Letter of Support for the Taryan Dragon Resort and Residence Project.

The Berita Acara (records) officiation, was attended by more than 100 community members, and held at Desa Adat Seseh, located in Desa Cemagi Kecamatan Mengwi, Badung, Bali. The official letter was signed by both parties. 

Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence will consist of premium residences, a fitness club, a world-class restaurant, a fully functional co-working space, and beach lounge. This project is an inspiration of a British architect, who studied the legend of the Basuki dragon that guards the sacred Gunung Agung Volcano, and protects Bali and its people, in Balinese culture and folklore.

Facades will be covered in green hanging gardens, bringing fresh air and natural elements, emulating the peace, safety and harmony found in the paradise setting of Bali.  

Taryan Dragon Resort & Residence main priority is to create a harmonious development in the Seseh Beach area, firstly by providing jobs to support the economy of the village, whereby 40% of the human resources for the project will be sourced from the Seseh Community.

Secondly, the Taryan Project commits itself to collaborations with the community in sectors such as education and training pertaining to the hospitality industry. Additionally, Taryan Dragon will endeavor to assess and provide assistance for Seseh’s own “Desa” (Village) projects. A direct community contribution will be a comprehensive road reconstruction project, to provide better lighting, smoother surfaces, and marked laneways. 

Taryan Resort & Residence is also committed to the mission of sustaining the environment, by promoting responsible waste management, eliminating pollution, and ensuring long-term health and cleanliness of the rivers and waterways leading in and out of the resort and surrounding Seseh area.

The environmental commitment is also prevalent in the use of local eco-materials and recycled plastic, through an agreement with an Indonesian recycled furniture company. A deep connection to the cultural and artistic talents of Bali is evident in the embodiment of the dragon legend in art installations, sculptures and design accents throughout the architectural and structural building plans. 

The official ground-breaking event is to be held at the beginning of  January  2024.

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