South Korean's Naedrum performed at Bali Arts Festival.
South Korean's Naedrum performed at Bali Arts Festival.
South Korean's Naedrum performed at Bali Arts Festival.
South Korea’s Naedrum performed at Bali Arts Festival.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – A group of traditional musicians named Naedrum from South Korea, amazed its spectators who watched the show at the Ksirarnawa building of Art Center, Denpasar, on Sunday, July 7. This is the first time Naedrum performed in Bali and was invited by Antida Music Productions to perform at the Bali Arts Festival (PKB).

“Antida Music Productions chose Naedrum because the performance is so unique and unprecedented. Seeing so many enthusiastic and responsive public responses to this event, we feel our hard work to showcase this Naedrum pays off,” said Anom Darsana, owner of Antida Music Productions.

During fifty minutes of performances, Naedrum performed three sequences, in which they lift the folklore from their country.

The first is Chookwon (blessing), a traditional ceremony to ward off evil spirits and in order to make their house and village surrounded by peace. Then it was continued with Cheongsin (The pray to God), a ritual of asking for a long life and kids to Sejon, the god blessing giver.

The most interesting part is the Naori and Sinmyung, where Naedrum performed dynamically, involving the audience to be able to respond to their performances. There was no limit between Naedrum and the audience, and the show was closed by dancing together .

The audience and Naedrum dance together at the end of the show.

“We want to share the happiness, and this performance is to appeal to the God that we all blessed with happiness” Said Hyo Jin Hong, one of Naedrum members.

Meanwhile Anom Darsana explained, bringing Naedrum is based the thought with festival founders from various countries to perform a kind of ‘cross-culture’ and to improve the quality of art in Indonesia.

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“Antida Music Productions has always been invited as Indonesian delegation to come to APaMM (Asia-Pacific Music Meeting), which was also attended by festival founders around the world, and we often share our thoughts on doing some kind of cross-culture. Not only bringing foreign musicians to Bali, we also often invite Balinese musicians and artists to perform abroad. In this July, we invited Saman dance group called Gaya Gayo to Rain Forest Festival. And this August, we invite Rhythm Rebel from Bali to perform in Korea.We aim for positive things, which can increase the quality of art in this country,” said Anom Darsana.


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