SMAN 1 Kintamani Creates Innovations through the Lighthouse School Program

KINTAMANI, Bali (BPN) – Senior high school SMAN 1 Kintamani has entered the end of the second year of the Lighthouse School Program (LSP), an initiative program to advance education in Indonesia organized by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation – School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) with Malaysia’s Usaha Tegas Group.

The Lighthouse School Program focuses on improving the quality of Indonesian education through an intensive, comprehensive, and collaborative approach. The program is delivered in the form of training and ongoing mentoring for teachers, school management, students, and the community, including parents of students.

The Lighthouse School Program aims to turn the school into a role model for the surrounding schools. SMAN 1 Kintamani in Bangli Regency, Bali, is one of the schools that has proven that they can go through the process and training to become a lighthouse school.

It can be seen from the increasingly systematic and transparent school management. During the program, teachers, school management, and students enjoy and are increasingly challenged to take part in classroom learning, this is due to teacher’s innovation through Project-Based Learning (PjBL) in the classroom.

One of the student projects in the PjBL is in the field of art and craft themed Reinkarnasi Sampah (Waste Reincarnation) with its breakthrough in reusing plastic waste.

Another work is from the Geography subject, namely “Digital Thematic Map of the Tourism Potential of the Batur Kintamani Geopark Area ​​Bali” which provides solutions to solve economic problems for tourism activists in Kintamani.

Besides, students of SMAN 1 Kintamani also won several competitions, such as the Storytelling Competition in Bangli, the OSN Competition (National Science Olympiad) in Geography, the Debate Team Competition in Bangli, Cerdas Cermat (smart and meticulous) Quiz Competition in Bangli, and several other competitions.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, SMAN 1 Kintamani was among those affected. All school administration managerial activities and learning processes change from face-to-face to online. This situation certainly creates its own challenges due to the influence of phone signal stability, limited teacher and student internet packages, and the urgency of using digital communication and learning media.

Through all the confusion and uncertainty, SMAN 1 Kintamani continues to show full effort and dedication in providing the best educational services for its students. This is proven by the breakthroughs and innovations made by the school management team which concretely identify and facilitate distance learning needs for teachers and students.

The way this is done is by issuing crucial school policies in an emergency period. Under I Ketut Ada as the principal, all teachers continue to carry out meaningful learning through Project-Based Learning which is conducted online.

Besides, students are also involved in vlog training which can support the distance learning process. Effective communication with parents in times of crisis is also fostered and built by holding parent webinars attended by the students and their parents.

The series of Lighthouse School programs in the second year at SMAN 1 Kintamani has been completed well and successfully, thanks to the neat collaboration between PSF-School Development Outreach and all school members at SMAN 1 Kintamani., and the full support provided by Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd and the Bali Education Office.

The Bangli Regency Education and Culture Office has also fully supported the program since there are many activities during the dissemination of the program that involves SMP (Junior High School) in Bangli Regency as the target for school input later to SMAN 1 Kintamani. Thus, it is hoped that SMAN 1 Kintamani can become a beacon that provides light and inspiration for all communities around it.

“Putera Sampoerna Foundation – School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) as the program designer and implementer appreciates the Bali provincial government for its performance and commitment to advancing education in its region. PSF-SDO encourages local governments to continue to innovate and hopes that similar programs can inspire and be implemented in various regions in Indonesia so that education reaches all fronts,” said Gusman Yahya, the Director of PSF-SDO.

As part of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation, the School Development Outreach (SDO) division is an educational service provider that aims to improve the quality of schools and educators in Indonesia so that they can compete globally.

The School Development Outreach runs a series of comprehensive and continuous programs aimed at Quality School Development through the Lighthouse School Program and Improving the Quality of Educators through the Teachers Learning Center Program.

PSF-SDO School Development Outreach, through its programs, has reached more than 85,000 teachers, school principals, supervisors, and school managers. Involved in improving the quality of education in 723 schools and 40 madrasahs (Islamic religious school), and built more than 8 Teacher Learning Centers in various locations in Indonesia.


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