Jason Broome, Managing Director of Porsche Indonesia, introduces the Porsche Taycan in Nusa Dua. (bpn)
Jason Broome, Managing Director of Porsche Indonesia, introduces the Porsche Taycan in Nusa Dua. (bpn)

NUSA DUA, Bali (BPN) – Two of the most popular Porsche models in 2021, Macan, and Porsche’s first all-electric sports car Taycan are presented to Porsche enthusiast at the Island of God, Bali, at ITDC Nusa Dua, Sunday, 20 June 2001.

“Following the successful launch of Porsche Taycan in Jakarta and Surabaya, this time we aim to introduce the Porsche’s first fully electric vehicle, Taycan, to our Bali-based customers. This is an exciting opportunity for Porsche Indonesia to greet its customers not only in Java where we have Porsche Centre Jakarta and Surabaya but also here in Bali. It is great to receive very positive feedback and enthusiast about the electric car here,” said Jason Broome, Managing Director of Porsche Indonesia.

Meanwhile, PR Executive Porsche Indonesia Valencia Maximillian explained, Bali is a potential market for Porsche products. Moreover, charging stations are already can be found at Ngurah Rai Airport and in Denpasar.

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“Bali is a potential market because the enthusiasm of the people to have an electric car is high. Especially now that there are charging stations at Ngurah Rai Airport and in Denpasar,” said Valencia.

Valencia explained that Porsche Taycan can charge the battery in just 8 hours and able to cover a distance of up to 400 kilometers.

Valencia explained that the sales of the Porsche Taycan in Indonesia are quite high, where there are 6-8 cars that could be sent throughout Indonesia in a month. The car is available for indent (waiting time) purchase for 5-6 months.

“So far, more than 30 units have been sold throughout Indonesia, mostly in Jakarta. This is the first electric sports car. There are other products (electric cars) but not the sports car category,” she explained.

Every prospective buyer, Valencia continued, will later be visited by a technician from Porsche to check the electricity at the buyer’s house, so that the installed charging at home will not interfere with other electrical systems applications.

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Regarding the service, Valencia explained that currently there are two options for Porsche’s service. Customers can come to the Porsche Center in Surabaya which is closest to Bali or customers can ask for a technician to come directly to Bali.

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