Magnovent Indonesia

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Energy saving, sustainable living, and eco-friendly products have become the indicators for all businesses in Indonesia. As the first pioneer of HVLS fans in Europe which aligns with the company vision of “building efficiency”, Magnovent Indonesia, established in December 2020, really cares about the environment, sustainability as well.

It is proven by their variant products that use less energy, are able to reduce emissions, control humidity level and air quality, yet still create such a maximum performance.

After a year of operation in Indonesia, this “Eco-Thermal Ventilation Solution” company has helped many businesses and homeowners to save energy, also preserve the environment by implementing more than a hundred products for any area, such as public places, commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

“This year, we managed to reach our target by working with some big names, such as Lazada, and Agung Sedayu Group, also with a number of architects & interior designers. We would also collaborate with PT Angkasa Pura I (airport) to optimize their energy savings up to 40 percent. Thanks to our Indonesian team,” said Jonathan Garcia, CEO of Magnovent Global.

Magnovent Indonesia offers long-term comfort for all individuals with its Eco-Thermal Ventilation Solution.

Through science and technology would help to tackle all global challenges with full responsibility.

At the same moment, Magnovent Indonesia has a chance to collaborate with Lindungi Hutan, Indonesia’s Reforestation NGO, by contributing their profits for land cultivation, and also plant 50 Tabebuia Trees in Jembrana, Bali in January 2022.

Besides doing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action, Magnovent Indonesia is also making Indonesia “green”, aware that environmental conservation can maintain human and natural living.

In facing challenges and global growth, especially in 2022, Magnovent Indonesia is determined to strengthen its business strategies by expanding the team in Java, maximizing digital and offline aspects, enhancing customer journey and experience, and also optimizing its competitive price.

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