BADUNG, Bali (BPN) – Jungle Bee chose a wonderful place to roll out a charity cares for Bali at La Bomie in Uluwatu, Badung, Thursday (August, 13). It’s a majestic location, where the classic Bali sunset appeared in the western sky with infinitive ocean view, symbolizing freedom and endless love. So that people may come there bringing their hearts and desire to help the island they love.

Working in Bali, Founder of Jungle Bee Charity Alisia Auns has decided to help to provide food for locals, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alicia Auns, Founder of Jungle Bee Charity.
Alicia Auns, Founder of Jungle Bee Charity.

“The global impact of the pandemic is in full swing where the break-down of the world’s economy affected everyone from all walks of life. People’s sufferings are on everyone’s mind, life and reality, everywhere, and the calling for help for humanity has never been more urgently needed,” Alisia said.

She explained that this charity was done in a form of Preloved Fashion Charity Bazaar, that was sent and donated by the Russian community all over Bali through the previous Jungle Bee Charities.

“All preloved high-end brands fashion are sold at affordable prices which all sales were given on the spot to the Lingkar Rimba Community Representatives from Batur, Kintamani,” she added.

To make this event more significant by adding the attention of more expatriates nationalities in Bali, Alisia invited the Japanese community affiliated with the Sanur Base Bike Club with the Exhibition of custom bikes at the entrance of the La Bomie.

Collaborating with Island Vibes #1 and Diana Rosa Music, who’s also a member of the Jungle Bee Team, this event is also wildly supported by various sympathizer collaborators involving the Komodo Development Group, Protagonist-Live Media Production, and Immanuel Sound & Lighting.

On top of everything amazing that is Jungle Bee Charity, the artistic ensemble on the soirée was no lightweight. All scheduled “star-studded” collaborators such as Diana Rosa (The Voice Indonesia 2016), DJ Shammui & DJ El Papi standing firmly on stage, there were other artists in the crowd that decided to “jam-in” pushing the entertainment to the next level.

Diana Rosa, Jungle Bee Charity team.
Diana Rosa, Jungle Bee Charity team.

“In the spirit of continuing the good work of Jungle Bee Charity to increase the local economy, Jungle Bee’s next acquisition will be held on the 20th-21st of August 2020. Where they will collaborate not just with over 40 fashion brands collaborators but also with Indonesian speakers & influencer, opinion leaders and companies to bridge the introduction of the local productions to the international brands & companies to create more jobs for the local people,” Alisia explained.

One of Jungle Bee’s educational programs is to work with orphan houses by providing free education for the children. Collaborating with international educators to teach specific skills to raised young professionals ready to live and work in the “real-world”.

“So, Jungle Bee proudly invites you all to our coming event,” Alisia said.


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