Img by Humas Prov Bali
Img by Humas Prov Bali


Denpasar – Since the enactment of Bali as the host of 2018 International Monetary Fund (IMF) – World Bank meeting, Bali Provincial Government keeps doing the preparation in order to succeed the event which is estimated attended by the largest number of participations from around the world. The chosen of Bali in particular and Indonesia in general as host is a world’s recognition for Indonesian economy as well as the recognition for Indonesian government capability to host the most prestigious event of international financial world.

The preparations of that grand event continues to be strengthened through the coordination as well as coordination amongst related ministries, local government, private sectors, and related parties in order to succeed the annual meeting that is organized by World Bank Governors Board and IMF.

It was conveyed by Coordinator Minister of Marine Luhut B Pandjaitan while led the coordination meeting of the 2018 IMF – World Bank Annual Meeting Preparation Development and Support in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) in Nusa Dua badung, on Tuesday (2/5). Furthermore, Minister Luhut also explained the event that will be attended by delegations from 189 countries and followed by 12.000 – 15.000 participants will give the optimal benefit, because that event also can be used as culture, tourism, creative industry, financial as well as technology promotion media. So, the chance should be used through tourism promotion, trade exhibition, investment as well as economy cooperation.

In other part, Minister Luhut also conveyed there are some important things that should be followed up and coordinated before the event held, for example the cleanliness including waste management, management of posters on the road/ strategic location as well as neatness and comfort, and management of tourism destination. He also highlighted the security factor, regarding that meeting will be attended by 23 head of states and head of states-level officials. “Local government has an important role in that event. So we have to be harmony, remove the difference, so the event will be succeed and Bali will becoming a Province that always ready welcoming important guests. All will be achieved if we are in harmony. Any problems should be solved, please leave aside the personal problems. We work together for succeeding that event,” he said.

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In the end of his instruction, Minister Luhut demanded local government to promote IMF Annual Meeting both through print and electronic media. Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika also conveyed the same thing. According to him 2018 Annual Meeting of IMF and World Bank is a great event that involves our state prestige. All officials, political, and group interest should be forgotten and all parties should work together in order to succeed the event. Pastika also added that the event is a promotion media for Bali tourism, so Bali Provincial government will prepare a good tour packages for the participants, improve the infrastructures and manage the tourism destination. “Let’s work to the maximum, I’m optimistic we can show up our great country,” he said.

Source: Humas Prov Bali



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