Aperol Spritz Summer Festival

MANGUPURA, Bali (BPN) – From the Venetian canals to the lively streets of Milan, the Aperol Spritz has long captured the joyful, convivial spirit of Italian living. 

Come 28 August – 10 September 2023, the iconic spirit will be holding its first Aperol Spritz Summer Festival across the island of Bali. 

Geared to both sun seekers and spritz lovers, islanders can look forward to spritz promotions, Aperitivo-inspired brunches to orange themed parties to fuel their island escapades.


Aperol, with its bright orange hue, is a testament to Italy’s culture of relaxation, celebration, and shared moments. Owned by Campari Group, Aperol is best known for its Aperol Spritz classic serve which became the world’s #1 trending cocktail of 2022. 

When mixed with Prosecco and a splash of soda, it transforms into the Aperol Spritz, a drink loved for its signature brightness, unique taste, and effervescence that captures the vivacious Italian spirit.

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But what is the allure of the Aperol Spritz? 

Think long Mediterranean afternoons surrounded by amazing company of friends clinking glasses under the sun or against the sunset. Aperol Spritz is all about moments of joy that complements the very essence of Bali’s tropicality. 

Bali, with its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, forms the perfect canvas for this Italian themed activation that pays tribute to Aperol’s spirit of enjoying moments in good company with timeless Italianity. 

At the heart of this grand festivity are 5 Aperol Spritz hotspots among more than 100 other participating outlets that will be mapped across Bali’s buzzy districts such as Kuta, Canggu, Ubud and Seminyak.


Happening across 80 iconic venues, highlights include Atlas Beach Fest, Alila Seminyak, Finns Beach Club, La Brisa, White Rock, and many more. 

Scheduled with an exciting calendar of activities that include Sunset Hour menus at selected bars and beach clubs, attendees can also look forward to brunches inspired by Italy’s aperitivo culture, and “Orange” parties that evoke the feel of basking along the Mediterranean coastline.

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One of the festival’s highlights is “Together We Spritz”, celebrating community and shared moments. Throughout the event, attendees can also engage in spritz games, contests, and quizzes and participate in giveaways  for social posts.

Key activations in gist:

  • Sunset Hour – Aperol Spritz by the glass programme at attractive prices during Aperol Spritz Summer Festival all around Bali.
  • Aperol Aperitivo Brunch – Curated Italian-inspired light bites and brunch menu to pair 
  • Orange Parties – At select beach clubs with Aperol Spritz promotions, complete with an orange paradise transformation and DJs on deck duties.

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