Bali Fashion Parade 2024

MANGUPURA, Bali (BPN) – One of the biggest fashion shows on the island, Bali Fashion Parade (BFP) is back this year and will be held on June 8, 2024, at TS Suites Seminyak, Kuta, involving the best professional models, designers and well-known brands from various cities in Indonesia.

Apart from well-known brands at TStore, there are also several designers to take part in the event such as Ivan Gunawan as guest designer, Hengki Kawilarang, Zuebarqa by Benz, A D I T H, Basundhari Hardy, Gingersnap Bali, and many other famous names.

According to Yongki Perdana, Founder of BFP 2024, the event features 35 designers and brands, as well as 300 works featuring 150 models consisting of kids, teenagers, and adults.

“This year, designers are getting excited about taking part in this event because it brings impact to the fashion industry. Through BFP, we invite designers to collaborate to introduce their works not only in Indonesia but internationally,” said Yongki during a Press Conference at TS Suites Seminyak Bali, on Thursday (May 31, 2024).

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Yongki explained that his party was also holding pre-events for the BFP 2024, including the contest Model Icon Bali Fashion Parade 2024 (April 28) at Café Del Mar, and the Fashion Show Model Competition (May 25) at Living World.

“I hope that the Bali Fashion Parade brings a positive impact on the economy and becomes an attraction for tourists in Bali.  BFP 2024 will motivate and provide a platform for designers and models to be able to express their best work,” he added.

Furthermore, Yongki also hopes that in the future Bali will not only be known for its tourism, but also as a Fashion Icon that can compete on the international level.

Meanwhile, Randolph Bubu, owner of TS Suites Seminyak, hopes that Bali can become a fashion hub in Asia. Through this event for one day, Bali could become the Paris or New York of Asia.

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