Antida Soundgarden.

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – One of the well-known film directors in Bali, Erick EST, enlivens Antida SoundGarden by showing the films he had made as an effort to advance the country’s film industry. Erick EST has been included in several international film nominations, such as for his film titled Terakhirku and Rapuh. Both films received awards at a film festival in Australia.

The event at Antida Soundgarden which lasted more than two hours presented one film and one video clip produced by Erick EST. The film Long Sa’an is a film about the Oma Lung (Kenyah) tribe which has to leave their village and create a new settlement to gain access to the city.

“The Long Sa’an is a film that tells about the lack of access that the Dayak Kenyah tribe can get to the city. It opens our eyes to how important it is to know all things rooted in local wisdom,” he said on Friday.

Erick EST.
Erick EST.

This event gets the spotlight from college students at renowned universities in Bali. “We deliberately invited campuses to enjoy this event, so the film education will successfully be carried out,” said Anom Darsana, owner of Antida SoundGarden.

Besides, the event which began at 8 PM also featured several musicians who are popular among the millennials in Bali, namely Zio and Soul n Kith.

From dozens of audiences of the event, they are all, perhaps, ready to be at the forefront of the country’s film industry. Therefore, Antida SoundGarden that night has succeeded in becoming a space where ideas and creativity can be manifested.



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