Syrco Basè Announces Its Inaugural Series of Local and International Collaborations: Collection I

UBUD, Bali (BPN) – Syrco BASÈ, the pioneering culinary hub north of Ubud helmed by two Michelin-starred chef, Syrco Bakker, is already making its mark on Indonesia’s dining scene just two months after its official opening. 

Alongside his seasoned, multicultural team of chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, architects, artists, and designers, Chef Syrco is showcasing the importance of respectful partnerships with suppliers and strong relationships with local communities throughout each of the culinary hub’s five distinct areas. 

Affirming this philosophy and with diverse collaborations at its heart, Syrco BASÈ is excited to announce its inaugural series of local and international collaborative events: COLLECTION I.

Kicking off on 26 March at 7pm, Bali’s most revered beach club and sustainability trailblazer, Potato Head, will be joining the team of Syrco BASÈ Bar for an evening devoted to Indonesia’s innovative mixology scene and hospitality industry heroes. 

Overlooking an emerald rice field, seating for 20 guests encircles the central bar and live kitchen, providing the ideal stage for individual expertise and inspired collaboration. 

Potato Head’s talented bartenders will be heading over from Seminyak to exhibit their imaginative approach to sustainable cocktails, perfectly paired with Syrco BASÈ’s indigenous-inspired ingredients, many of which are sourced directly from the culinary hub’s garden. 

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On 4 April, history will be made in Bali as Syrco Bakker is joined by fellow two Michelin-starred chef, Nick Bril from The Jane in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Coming in at no. 39 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 list, the Michelin Guide describes The Jane as “a designer-inspired culinary temple” that is lauded for its sophisticated and highly skilled cooking. 

After the two world class chefs seek inspiration while visiting a local permaculture gardener and wild food forager, diners can embark on an exclusive and edifying culinary journey with drinks pairing from 5.00pm to 8.00pm at Syrco BASE Ku, the culinary hub’s intimate, immersive space for a maximum of 12 guests.

Later in the evening from 7:00pm, Chef Nick will be demonstrating both his culinary and musical prowess at Syrco BASÈ Bar. 

To bring balance to his life as a chef, Nick has also built a career as a reputable DJ, playing up to 50 sets at major festivals in Belgium and internationally each year. 

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After presenting a menu of bar food and cocktails specially created with the Syrco BASÈ team, he’ll hit the decks until late for an unforgettable dining and dancing experience.

On 17 April at Syrco BASÈ Bar, four of Bali’s most esteemed mixologists will be joining forces to celebrate the island’s vibrant cocktail culture, which is imbued with Indonesia’s extraordinary wealth of native ingredients and time-honored fermentation techniques. 

For this Local Heroes event, representing Apéritif will be award-winning bartender Panji Wisrawan,  who will showcase cocktails crafted with artisanal spirits and infusions. Flying the flag for Mozaic will be Billy Wirawan, a master of indigenous flavors and exquisitely crafted libations. 

They will be joined by Esy Triana, who presides over the bar at Night Rooster, ingeniously blending heritage ingredients for show-stopping concoctions. 

Finally, Syrco BASÈ’s very own Bar Supervisor, Arya Dharmayasa, will be crafting drinks inspired by authentic flavors and traditions. 

On 28 May, Syrco BASÈ will collaborate with the creative team behind Singapore’s Stay Gold Flamingo, which last year made its debut on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list at an impressive no. 32. Founder & Creative Director, Jerrold Khoo, will be bringing his flair and passion for combining Japanese and American styles of bartending, which has placed him at the vanguard of Singapore’s cocktail evolution. 

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Meanwhile, Stay Gold Flamingo’s Head Chef, Joanne Sakai, will blend her Filipino heritage with bold flavors to create culinary masterpieces certain to surprise and delight. 

When the two teams unite, guests can expect a lively evening of maximum flavor, high energy flair, playfulness and meticulous attention to detail.   

“As a chef, investing in collaborations isn’t just about creating exceptional dishes and drinks; it’s about forging and strengthening bonds among our entire hospitality community,” says Chef Syrco. 

“Through the Collection I events, we’re celebrating the region’s rich tapestry of ingredients, traditions and innovations, while supporting and amplifying the talents of our fellow artisans. These collaborations are all about recognizing that our shared passion for hospitality extends beyond individual kitchens—it’s a commitment to elevating the entire industry, one partnership at a time.”

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