Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Chapter Denpasar

DENPASAR, Bali (BPN) – One of the best modeling management in Bali, LV CnC celebrated its 21st anniversary with an iconic fashion show at Hongkong Garden, Denpasar, Sunday (28/11/2021). The event was also enlivened with the participation of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Chapter Denpasar with their best models.

Designers who are members of IFC Denpasar namely Ali Charisma, Asti Kaleta, Angeliqa Wu, Dwi Iskandar, Dewi Suarjani, Elfi Lila, Linda Lirose, Neli Gunawan, Vera Koraag, Yon Yulizar, and Yenli Wijaya.

They were able to fascinate the audience through the theme Street Wear / Casual – Deluxe using Bali’s Endek hand-woven fabric, from the weaver in Gianyar regency, namely Cap Cili.

One of Bali’s famous designers also a member of IFC Denpasar, Neli Gunawan, explained that Endek is chosen as the theme because it has its own beauty value that should be proud of with a variety of beautiful motifs.

“And it is also the legacy of Bali’s ancestors in the form of wastra (traditional fabrics) that we should protect and preserve,” Neli said in the press release.

Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Chapter Denpasar

She hoped that fashion lovers in the country, especially in Bali, would wear clothes with Balinese woven materials and be proud of its existence, especially since Balinese Endek has been recognized by the world.

“We hope that fashion customers and hand-woven fabrics lovers in Bali can continue to support designers, and buy local products, it will help entrepreneurs and weavers in Bali to continue to exist,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Cece Hermy Wirawan, Owner of LV CnC Model Management, explained that this 21st-anniversary celebration is a form of optimism in the midst of the pandemic.

Cece revealed that during its 21 years of existence, LV CnC has developed many fashion models who have even been able to achieve careers at national levels.

“Many of them have been successful at the national level, some are contracted as TV hosts, make a role in sinetron (soap operas) or movies, and are also as advertising talents,” he said.

Furthermore, Cece explained that LV CnC is also involved in the field of Organizer for Events and Weddings.

the 21st Anniversary of LV CnC

“We handle quite a lot of events, not only in Bali but also outside Bali. We also had time to handle regional auditions for the first season of Indonesia’s Next Top Model. As for weddings, when there are Dewasa (good days based on Balinese calendar), we can handle up to eight weddings in a month,” he said.

Cece revealed that creativity is one of the keys to keeping existing during this pandemic where his company applies the concept of thematic events and not flat.

For the near future, Cece hopes that people can continue to maintain their health so that this pandemic will soon end and the situation can recover as it used to be.


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