Img by Humas Prov Bali
Img by Humas Prov Bali


Denpasar – Bali Governor gives the serious attention for illegal guides who are still operating in many tourism destination in Bali. Governor Pastika urged to control them intensively and need law enforcement process in accordance with regulation.

It was conveyed by Bali Governor when responding the head Indonesian Guide Organization (HPI) of Bali Province I Nyoman Nuarta related to many illegal guides operate in some Tourism Destinations in Bali, the meeting was held in governor office. “So control these illegal guides,  enforce the regulation till give the deterrent effect,” the governor added.

Governor also urged to involve the related parties including the police when controlling these guides. They are also instructed to always increase themselves by following the training and always aware about tourism trends so the service for tourism could be improved.

Meanwhile head of Bali HPI reported that the revenue of guides is decreasing recently because of many factors, like many illegal guides operate and many driver also work as a guide at the same time. So he demanded the control should be done intensively and don’t let these illegal guides ruin the quality of Bali tourism. Not only for the guides, He also demanded the real action of government to travel where these illegal guides are working.

Further, he expected the synergy between government and HPI could be tied in order to realize the qualified tourism in Bali.

Source: Humas Prov. Bali


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