Launching of Salak Bali App (FB page: Humas Polda Bali / @poldabali
Launching of Salak Bali App (FB page: Humas Polda Bali / @poldabali


Denpasar – Bali Police HQ launched online-based public services through an application named ‘Salak Bali’ on Wednesday (17/5). On the launching, Bali Police Chief Irjen Pol. Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose said that this application is part of Indonesian Police’s modernization on public services technology. This app will be used for receiving and processing emergency call (SOS), reports and complaints, related to public issues. Further, this smartphone app will be used to fight against crime and against hoax issues.


Img by FB Page: Humas Polda Bali / @Poldabali

Salak Bali can be downloaded from AppStore, after registration, user will find menus such as SOS, Report, History, News, and Important Info.

From this App, user can make an emergency call or sending user’s location by touching the SOS tab for three times. Then wait until police officer gets the emergency signal and receive user’s emergency call. If in 60 seconds no officer receiving user’s emergency sign or call, then the emergency call will be directed to Bali Police HQ Command Center. But if user already feels safe and secure, user can touch the ‘I’M SAFE’ tab.

On the REPORT tab, user can directly reports complaints on traffic, crime, drugs, an police. When user wants to report a complaint, after selecting the complaint type, and then take a picture as supporting proof, enter complaint title and briefly explain about the complaint or report.

 Other features in Salak Bali App are History of user’s reporting activity, News tab that displays recent news towards Bali Police, then Important Phone Numbers that displays list of phone numbers and distance to the closest Police Office. User can make a direct phone call by clicking the phone number displayed.

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Salak Bali App is hoped to be downloaded by people in Bali soon, in order to lower crime activities on the island so that Police will be able to make a safer environment. 


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