Al Jazeerah Signature Bali

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Al Jazeerah Signature Bali celebrates its first anniversary with various social activities. 

According to Ivan Sullivan, General Manager of Al Jazeerah Signature Bali, during its first year in Bali, a lot of things have been learned especially to take part in advancing Bali tourism.

Ivan added that restaurant staff and management held various events such as beach clean up at Double Six, social aid to orphanages, planting mangroves, and team building activities.

“During the first year, we learned a lot from all social and business aspects. In the future, we hope to bring in all groups regardless of ethnicity, religion and race,” he said on the sidelines of Al Jazeerah Signature Bali’s first anniversary celebration on Saturday (Nov 25).

Ivan explained that over the past year, his restaurant has not only been visited by tourists from the Middle East, but also guests from Russia, South Korea, China, Japan and domestic also love the dishes served.

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Al Jazeerah Signature offers an authentic Middle Eastern dining experience. The  casual yet sophisticated dining destination takes guests on a culinary journey through the rich aromas, textures, and flavors of the captivating and rich region with a menu that highlights authentic Middle Eastern cuisine crafted with the freshest local ingredients. 

This is the third Al Jazeerah Signature joining the first two locations at Al Jazeerah Signature Jakarta and Al Jazeerah Signature Bandung. 

Al Jazeerah Signature Bali’s menu features quintessential Middle Eastern dishes that the region is known for. From the sumptuous cold mezze such as Classic Hummus, Baba ghanouj, and Tabbouleh; fresh salads such as Fattoush Salad and Arabic Salad; to charcoal-grilled dishes such as Lamb Mathbi and Shish Kebab. 

The restaurant also offers specials such as Marak Lamb, a slow-cooked lamb in traditional Arabic spice broth, and Mughalgal, stir-fried choice of lamb or chicken with mixed vegetables cooked with traditional Arabic spices and served with fresh pita bread. 

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Its collection of rice specialties from different regions of the Middle East also cater to diverse palates, from the choice of lamb or chicken, to the choice of rice from Yemeni’s mandhi, or biryani and kabsah. 

To complement the restaurant’s Middle Eastern authentic cuisines, Al Jazeerah Signature Bali also offers a premium shisha collection with flavorful infusions of mango sling, tropic juice, cinnamon, and lemon pie from MustHave, Duft and Al Fakher Tobacco. 

Al Jazeerah Signature Bali sprawled into three levels of dining space accommodating 500 seats. 

The genuine design and ambiance of the restaurant, will transport guests to the Middle East with accentries and furnishings that are reminiscent of the Middle East. 

The design features ornate details such as natural wood furnishings, copper lamps, woven textiles, arched doorways, and terracotta pots filled with herbs and greenery that fill the space with rustic charm. 

The first floor is designed for casual individual or group dining, with private rooms, and a water fountain as its centerpiece. 

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The second floor boasts an Arabian-style dining room, while the third floor is set as a Shisha lounge where guests can enjoy flavorful shisha, coffee and canapes while overlooking the famed Bali sunset. 

From the charming ambiance to the thoughtfully curated décor, every element of Al Jazeerah Signature Bali’s design was hand-selected to evoke the essence of the Middle East region. 

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