Winners of Bali Flair Tandem Competition 2019, at Lxxy, Kuta on Wednesday.
Winners of Bali Flair Tandem Competition 2019, at Lxxy, Kuta on Wednesday.

KUTA, Bali (BPN) – Himpunan Bartender Indonesia (HBI), a bartender profession association of Bali Chapter, held a competition for young and talented bartenders from all over Indonesia entitled Bali Flair Tandem Competition. The unique and interesting thing about this event is that the last time competition with tandem as the theme was held in Indonesia was almost 14 years ago and Bali is the first to hold this paired bartender competition after then.

According to Bayu Hendra, HBI Coordinator, the decision to hold the event was after going through a series of trials and errors and finally filtering out six pairs of bartenders to compete at the first Bali Flare Tandem Competition by HBI.

“The bartender competition with a tandem system was last held 14 years ago. This is because of the high level of difficulty and requires strong chemistry with a partner,” he said on at the event at Lxxy, Kuta, on Wednesday.

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Bayu explained, the difficulties faced by each bartender such as synchronizing movements which require a lot of practice.

“The most important thing in this theme is a bartender should not be more dominant than his partner. This is the message we want to share, that we work in the hospitality industry, the most important thing is teamwork,” he explained.

Furthermore, Bayu expressed his pride that Bali could become the pioneer in holding this paired bartender competition which reportedly will also be followed by similar events in Jakarta.

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The bartenders at the Bali Flare Tandem Competition, Bayu continued, will be judged by six judges consisting of well-known and experienced bartenders in Indonesia.

“Participants will be judged by their Cocktails. Then there is also the harmony of the motion, choreography, the difficulty level of the choreography and variations of movement,” Bayu said.

Emerged as champions are the tandem Eka Darmawan and Nopa Yana. While the category of Best Cocktail goes to Kusuma Dewa and Dewa Ariasa. They deserve trophies and a total prize of IDR30 million.


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